This isn't a dream team.
This is a real team that dreams big.

We believe in diversity and collaboration, so share your digital needs, dreams and ideas with us, and we will find the solution that best fits your needs.

Who's behind the curtains



An endless drive with the energy to match, Djordje is always running at full speed. His organizational skills compel and facilitate his managerial spirit in guaranteeing finished products exceed expectations, and that their deadlines are met with time to spare! A daily gym goer, Djordje loves to travel, and in his spare time, he runs Garage Lab, a robotics lab for kids! If you’re interested in smart cities and you’re from the Western Balkans, chances are, you’re working with him already!

Creative Idea



Although full of artistic personalities, Kristina shines bright with her artistic passion and creative expression. She creates content strategies based on intuitively discerned brand personalities and target audiences – and all between two cups of tea! One can find Kristina in the outdoors on any given day, relaxing in the park or at her singing her heart out at choir rehearsal.

Team Member



Nikola navigates our style in many different but complementary directions, researching and developing our visual footprints, and coding when needed. With the background in music, technology, art theory and advertising Nikola is redefining boundaries of design. He is also an electronic music producer and often plays music in clubs all over the region.

Team Member



With his code clean and his coffee strong, Sava decisively cuts through to the core of every problem and tackles each issue with multiple approaches, and the occasional clever coding tricks. Achieving harmony through his music as well as his code, strumming away on his guitar, his soothing or upbeat jams always set the right ambiance. His contribution to our team is, well… instrumental!

Team Member